Welcome to S13 Silvia Tuning, a site dedicated to showing some possible modifications for this type of car. However, many of these modifications could be applied to most cars by following the general process. Please note that in no way am I an expert or a professional, this site is to teach methods of modification that I myself had to learn about. The idea is that this site will detail step by step methods that are easily understood for the average enthusiast. Therefore, in no way do I accept responsibility for any damage to your vehicle or any injuries to yourself from following the contents of this web site. All modifications are undertaken with the knowledge that you understand the risk involved to both yourself, others and the vehicle modified.

The main inspiration for this site is to detail the process of retuning the ecu in the SR20DE(T). This is a modification that I found little information on when trying to research it myself. Hopefully I can cover every step from basic theory, parts required, installation and tuning. Please note that only some cars are able to have the factory computer reprogrammed, and on a whole I am not sure exactly which engines are possible, so please do not ask me as all that I know will be posted.

None of the modifications listed were completed entirely by myself. I will list and give credit to all other parties involved and link to all other resources I used to gain information. Enjoy the site and good luck modifying!


Copyright M. Laws 2003.